We take seriously the trust that is placed in us when it comes to dollars given for ministry by members and guests. In the interest of disclosure, below is a quarterly brief statement of monies given and disbursed at FUMC. 

For a detailed YTD balance sheet, click Balance Sheet.pdf. For the YTD budgeted financial statement, click Budgeted Financial Statement.pdf For a PDF copy of the Simplified Income and Expense Report, click 2018 Finance Summary.pdf. For a graph of that simplified report, click March graphs. Also, if you wish to compare revenue to 2017, click Revenue Comparison 2017.pdf

For an accounting of ReImagine dollars, click HERE.

Current Simplified Income and Expense Report

 2018 Annual Budget
Budget YTDThrough March 2018
Total Income
Building Debt$29,200.00
Pastoral Leadership$301,000.00
Total Expense$1,332.644.00$330,526.97$326,344.71