Thinking About Visiting?

We want you to feel right at home from the moment you set foot on our church campus! Some of the most frequently asked questions are answered here, and should prepare you for being our guests. Greeters are available at all entrances to the building each Sunday morning, and will be happy to answer questions or walk you to where you want to be! Everyone here is friendly and eager to make you feel comfortable.

What time are the Services?

We offer three Sunday morning worship services. The first service begins at 8:00 AM in the Chapel; a traditional liturgy is used and has that "small church” feel.  The sacrament of communion is observed each week. The second service, Open Skies, begins at 10:30 AM in the Fellowship Hall called Open Skies; it is contemporary with an upbeat feel. The third service meets at 10:30 AM in the Sanctuary; it is traditional and features our choir, handbells, and soloists. If you are not sure which style would will be best for you, we encourage you to check out all three of them. Sometimes people are surprised by which service feels most comfortable, and the only way you can figure that out is to try them all!

What About My Children?

We have age appropriate Sunday School opportunities for kids at 9:15 AM. The Sunday School classes are fun and meaningful, packed with multi-sensory activities where kids will sing, play, and discover new Bible lessons each week. 

Sunday School Room Assignments 

6 weeks to 24 months - Crib Rooms A & B (Room 151 and 153)

24 months to 35 months - Nursery, Room 157 

Preschool, 3s and 4s - Room 156

Kindergarten - Room 109

First and Second grade - Room 107

Third through Fifth grade -  Room 111

We welcome children in all worship services  Children are always welcomed and even encouraged to participate in worship services but we do have options are offered for younger children in second grade and younger. The ARK occurs at both Open Skies and the Sanctuary Service after Time for Young Disciples. Following the Time for Young Disciples at both 10:30 worship services, children grades three - five are encouraged to remain in worship. Children second grade and under may leave to go to their appropriate rooms. Preschool preschool children will be escorted to the Preschool class in Room 156 and K-2 grades will be escorted to The ARK (Music A/B). While certainly not meant to replace Sunday School, During this time children will be engaged with faith-based video clips, songs, games and crafts but will not replace the Sunday School hour. Children planning to remain in worship may want to pick up a worship bag filled with quiet activities at any of the entrances to the worship spaces.

If you need more information, contact Leah Stevens (Director of Children's Ministries) at

What Do I Wear?

No matter which service you attend, you will see people dressed in a variety of clothing. We encourage you to come wearing whatever is most comfortable. It is very common to see people dressed in suits sitting next to people wearing jeans and a t-shirt. You certainly will never need to buy clothes just so you can attend our church. Come knowing that your wardrobe will never be an issue for you.