Open Hearts Class Study

Sun, August 6, 20179:15 AM - 10:15 AM

God gets angry. So, why can't we? Join our Open Hearts Sunday School class as they study the latest book by David Dorn, Reclaiming Anger. 

About the book -- Reclaiming Anger by David Dorn - As Christians, we process grief, show love, understand compassion, and accept forgiveness.  But when it comes to anger, we often reject it as not being useful or holy.  There simply is no place for anger in the worldview of many Christians.  We’re told to just “let it go,” “get over it,” or “count to ten.” In the church, anger is treated like a dirty little secret.  But why?  God gets angry.  Why can’t we?  We’re made in the image of God, and being truly human is to fully embrace who God made us to be.  In Reclaiming Anger, David Dorn asserts that anger doesn’t have to be a forbidden, destructive emotion.  Biblical anger serves a purpose.  In this study you’ll discover what anger is, how God gets angry, when we need anger, and when we need to let it go.