The ReImagine Campaign is a financial campaign designed to reduce the $2.6 million debt on the notes for the church facilities and property. Began in September of 2014, the church received pledges and began seeing donations in November of 2014. Scroll down to view campaign results and to read more specific information about the campaign.

For an accounting of the church budget, click HERE. 


Texas Methodist Foundation (TMF) and Reimagine Summary

Payoff Loans at Prosperity Bank$2,550,527.32 
A/C Replacements Funded$133,569.70 
Paid on Principal - Monthly Payment($194,801.56
Paid on Principal - ReImagine($1,327,331.43)
Paid on Principal - Covenant Cup($60,000.00)
Loan Balance 9/30/17$1,101,964.03
Total Interest Paid thru 9/30/17$206,590.32

236 Pledges
Pledged Amount$1,957,128.00 
Received thru 9/30/17$1,392,740.11
Campaign Expenses($63,589.62)
Paid on Principal($1,327,331.43)
Balance in ReImagine 9/30/17


Campaign Information

For a moment, consider the Apostle Paul in chains, maybe in prison, but in his mind, in his spirit, he's not in prison at all. He's free, and he writes under the inspiration of the Spirit, "God can do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine."

There is a writer who claimed that people who live imaginative lives are what-if? people. They respond to ideas and events with a what-if? attitude. They behave in what-if? ways. In 1996, the what-if? people of First United Methodist Church Missouri City imagined the impact they could have for the Kingdom of God in a new location. This group of pioneers made a bold move from Present Street to our current location. 

It is now our turn to be what-if? people. We might find it hard to be what-if? people, but it is what God has wired us to be. First United Methodist Church Missouri City would not be all that we are today without a bold God-focused vision of what it could be. And now God is calling us to build on what generations before us have built; God is calling us to REIMAGINE all that First United Methodist Church Missouri City can be. 


What is the purpose of this campaign?

To reduce the $2.6 million debt on our notes for the church facilities and property.

How much is our debt costing us?

The full principal and interest payments average approximately $17,000 per month or $220,000 annually. These debt payments account for 17% of our annual ministry budget, a significant expense that reduces our ability to invest more in programs to minister to our members and serve our community.

How will the dollars raised in the capital campaign be used?

All of the funds committed through the Reimagine campaign, beyond the actual expenses of the campaign, will go solely to pay down the debt. The annual operating budget will continue to cover the interest payments until the end of the campaign.

How does giving to this campaign relate to my regular giving to the church?

Your commitment to this faith endeavor will be for a 3-year period beginning January 2015. These gifts are over and above your pledge to the annual ministry budget that we make every year to support the current ministry and operating budget needs.

Am I expected to give all at once?

The campaign lasts for three years. You may construct your payments to fit your circumstances: a one-time payment or a sum annually, monthly or weekly.

What if my circumstances change?

You may adjust your commitment if your circumstances change. Because it is a three-year pledge period, we realize changes in life may occur. Simply notify the church office if you desire to adjust your commitment.