ShelbyFAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

ShelbyNEXT – FAQs

Q – Some of my information is not right. Can I make corrections?

A – Yes! You can correct and/or add information in both the ShelbyNEXT app and the ShelbyNEXT website. In fact, we hope you carefully review and update your address, phone numbers and e-mail addresses. These changes will directly update our church records.

From your Smartphone app:

Open the ShelbyNEXT app. Log in if necessary.

Click on your name or My Profile in the lower half of the screen.

Review your personal information. If changes are needed, click edit, make corrections and click Save.

If you are the Primary member, you can also make changes for your family members. Select their name, click Edit, make changes, click Save.

From the ShelbyNEXT website (

Log in.

In the View Tab, review your information.

To make changes, click the Edit tab, make corrections, then click Save at the bottom.

If you are the Primary member, you can view and edit your Family members. Simply click on a family member on the bottom of your view page. Review their information and make changes in the Edit tab.

Don’t forget to click SAVE when done!

Q - When I try to set up my account, it says that my e-mail account is not recognized. What do I do?

A – The system only knows e-mail accounts that the church currently has on file. If the church office does not have your e-mail, or if you have changed it, please e-mail M’Liss, Gail or Ginny with your correct e-mail address. They will inform you once the address has been entered into the church records.

Q - My spouse and I use the same e-mail. Can we still log in individually?

A – Yes. The first person should access the system and create their password. The second person will need to enter their Username instead of their e-mail, then click forgot password. The username by default is firstname.lastname based on the name currently in the church system. If the username is recognized, an e-mail will be sent with a temporary password specifically for the spouse’s username. If this does not work, please contact the office to verify the proper username.

Q – Can I use ShelbyNEXT on both my phone and my home computer?

A – Yes! Once you set up your account and have your user name and password, you can log in to the ShelbyNEXT App or the website ( at any time.

Q – What personal information is displayed in the directory in ShelbyNEXT?

A – The same information that was previously available in the church’s hard copy directory is available on-line: Name, Address, Phone, e-mail. Also, the last photo submitted is displayed. You can add or change photos in the app or the website.

Note: All other personal information such as Age, Birthdate, and Giving records can ONLY be seen by you.

Q – Is my information secure when I use the ShelbyNEXT?

A – Yes. ShelbyNEXT uses the same type of security protocols as other on-line websites and apps use for managing personal information and credit card transactions.

Q – I would like to change my username and/or password.

A – Log in to the Shelby website using your current username and password. From the Profile page, select Account. In the page that comes up, you can change your username and/or password. Scroll to the bottom and click Save.

Q – I have other questions. Who do I contact?

 A – It is best that you send an e-mail to M’Liss (, Gail (, or Ginny ( with your question. They will determine the best answer and g