ShelbyNEXT APP for Smart Phones

For Smart Phone:

If you are accessing ShelbyNEXT for the first time and have not already signed in to the website: Follow each step – don’t jump ahead!

1) Download the ShelbyNext | Membership  App in your phone’s App Store.

2) Open the App.

3) Type FUMCMC for “Domain.”  Click “Forgot Password.”

- iPhone:  In the pop-up window, enter your e-mail and click ok.

- Android: Enter e-mail address in username line, click ok.

4) You will get an e-mail* (If you don’t get an e-mail right away, check your spam or junk folder) with your username (username will be first.last name) and temporary password.  Return to the App and enter the provided username and password. (Use your device’s cut-and-paste feature if you know how.)  (Do not click “You can log in here” in your e-mail).

5) Click “Sign In.”

6) You will want to change your password to something useful for you. To Change your password:  

- iPhone: Click on your name.   In the “Details” tab, scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Change Password.” 

- Android: Click on My Profile.  Click on the 3 vertical dots and select Change Password from the menu.

*NOTE: If you get “Password Reset Unsuccessful.  No user with that username was found”, then the e-mail you entered is not on file with the church office.   Send an e-mail with the correct e-mail address you want to use to M’Liss at

** If you want to change your user name, you must log in to the ShelbyNext website on laptop/desktop. 

**** If the same e-mail address is used for more than one family member, please see FAQs in the ShelbyNEXT section of the Church website.

If you need additional help, please call or come by the church office.  Someone will be available to assist you. Church phone is 281.499.3502.