Withdrawal Policy

Withdrawal notices must be given in writing and turned in to the Day School office. If the Day School office is closed and notice is sent via mail, the postmarked date will be considered the date of notice given. An email sent to the school director will be accepted as written notice.

Registration fees are non-refundable.

If you withdraw your child from school and wish to return at a later date, you must observe the standard enrollment procedures including paying the registration fee and last month’s tuition.

June 1 is the deadline in order to receive the prepaid May's tuition refund. 

If you find it necessary to withdraw your child between June 2 and October 1, you will forfeit your prepaid May’s tuition.

After October 1, we must have a 2-week notice of withdrawal for you to receive the May's tuition refund.

If you find it necessary to withdraw your child after April 1, May's tuition will not be refundable.